$2000+ Osaki

Osaki OS-4000

full body massage chair

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a great quality massage chair for the buck, you’ve found one!

Osaki OS-4000 has a ton of features that request over $4,000 in current massage chair market. Osaki OS-4000 has Body Scan Technology, which scans your back curvature and gives you not too strong not too weak, human hand-like massage experience. S-Track & 30 inch roller stroke also doesn’t miss your back massage if your height is between 5’4” – 6’4”.

Zero Gravity is one of the beauty in OS-4000. Zero Gravity recline position is originally developed by NASA and Osaki incorporated the position to make you feel almost weightless, you will have the most tension less position for your relaxation and massage.

Airbag massage in OS-4000 is unique with seat vibration massage. Airbag intensity setting can be adjusted upto 5 levels to give you mild to strong airbag compression massage.

Osaki has rock sold limited 3 year warranty. It doesn’t void if you use in commercial setting.

All 3 areas of our review, i.e. price, feature, and warranty, Osaki OS-4000 is the winner.

Feature Summary

  • Zero Gravity Design
  • S-Track Movable Intelligent Massage Robot
  • Six Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity
  • Calf Rest can be Lifted and Stretched
  • Auto Timer 5-30 Options
  • Hip Air Massage
  • Vibration Seat Massage
  • Shoulder Air Massage


Osaki OS-4000

Price Range: $-$2,0003,000
Osaki OS-4000