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Osaki Japan Premium 4D

4d japanese massage chair

Osaki Japan Premium 4D

Osaki Pro series recently added the Japan Premium 4D to the line. Japan Premium 4D has 4D massage, which adds time and speed criteria to 3D massage. It enables 28 different types of massage techniques. A wide variety of massage types designed especially for neck, shoulder and waist. 12 levels of strength adjustment makes it the finest control possible, from the soft rubbing mode to the deep kneading of the so called ‘Kiwami Mecha Mode’.

Osaki Japan Premium 4D has computer scan system to massage hard to reach area in seat and back.

The further evolved ‘Air Magic’ provides a comfortable massage for the whole body. The high capacity and high output airbags provide massage to hold and wrap the whole body, from shoulders to the feet soles.

Especially the waist and hip airbags operate diagonally to provide a thorough and firm stretching action around the waist. Another massage in the waist and hip is to operate on the same side to provide a gentle and mild stretch.

Foot stretch massage function gives effective massage by gripping firmly on the legs and pulling the footrest down.

Feature Summary

  • Kiwami Mecha 4D Kneading Ball System
  • Air Magic – Shoulder, Arm, Waist, Seat, Foot & Calf
  • Kiwami Mecha Mode – 28 Different Types of Massage Techniques
  • Foot Sole Massage – Adjustable

Japan Premium 4D

Japan Premium 4D

Price Range: $-$4,0005,000
Japan Premium 4D