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Inada DreamWave


Inada DreamWave

The brand name comes from the family Inada, who founded the massage chair company in 1962, Osaka, Japan. In the rich history of massage chair development, Inada introduced DreamWave in 2008. The belief of effective shiatsu massage is well developed in DreamWave. It provides whole body massage with 101 air cells, 3D massage, auto-recline, and 16 preset programs. However, the beauty of great massage technology in DreamWave pulls back the position from No 1 due to the huge price tag.

Feature summary

  • Heated seat and back
  • 3D back massage
  • 360 degree forearm airbag coverage
  • Air pump sound insulation
  • Deep shiatsu sole
  • Synthetic upholstery with premium leather upgrade

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Price Range: $-$8,0009,000
Inada Sogno Dreamwave