Buying Guide

Purchasing a massage chair might be a daunting task at first. We understand the complexity of choosing the right massage chair, so here we are to help make your decision.

Why Buy a Massage Chair?
Your Investment with Great Returns – Buying a massage chair seems to be a big purchase at first, but consider the expense, your time and efforts taking trips to massage therapists. You can enjoy a massage right at your place when you have spare time.

Your Convenience, Health and Well-being – With high quality massage chairs, your body will be better relaxed, and be much healthier. Many people testify some of their chronic symptoms or pains decreased after experiencing a high quality massage chair. Also, many chiropractors are recommending a quality massage chair for back pain, loosening muscles, and restoring its natural posture.

Which Massage Chair is Best for Me?
Get to know features of massage chairs first, then consider which features you might want. If you’re not sure, call experts or dealers to find out suitable massage chairs for you. If possible you should try some massage chairs in person.

You have researched functions and features, tried some massage chairs, and now it’s decision time! There are a couple more things besides price, quality, and functions to consider.

Dimension & Sizes – Consider the dimension of the massage chair for yourself, entering your doorway or your room. Some chairs are delivered completely installed, some are not.

Delivery & Installation Options – Because most of the chairs are delivered as curbside delivery, you have to consider that you will need to bring the chair inside and install the chair yourself. If you cannot ask help from family members or friends, consider having white glove service which includes delivery and installing.

Warranty & Customer Service – Compare warranty options you can have for the massage chair you’re interested.