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Apex AP-Pro Regent

4d massage chair

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair

Apex introduced the new model AP-Pro Regent in Spring 2015, which is made in Taiwan.

Regent features the newest technology of 4D massage. If you were skeptical about electric full body massage chairs before, this would be the one you try and be founded as amazed! 4D massage is giving you human therapist’s massage motion on your neck and shoulder. The movement on the neck and shoulder area gives great relaxing massage.

Apex Regent also provides auto-recline, heat blanket over body and heated foot function.

With 32” of roller track system, 11 auto programs, and custom massage memory function, your relaxation would be as you expected without leaving your home.

Feature Summary

  • 4D Real Massage Technology
  • Heated Foot Massage
  • 9 Manual Massage Techniques
  • Memory Massage Programs
  • Heat Blanket
  • Adjustable Foot Extension
  • Rhythmic Massage
  • Intelligent Armrests
  • Quick Key Pad
  • Deep-Spot Function
  • Real Body Scan

AP-Pro Regent

Apex Regent

Price Range: $-$4,0006,000
Apex Regent