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Apex AP-Pro Lotus

advanced massage chair

Apex Lotus Massage Chair

Apex launched Lotus with innovative feature of Negative Oxygen Ionizer and Bluetooth connection. The use of negative oxygen ionization is widely used in Japan and throughout Asia, with the purpose of purifying the air at the microscopic level. Bluetooth connection will require installing an app and be able to control massage with your favorite device.

Lotus offers space saving technology, which requires only 4 inches from the wall when reclining. Typical massage chairs require more than 2 feet from the wall for full recline position.

Apex Lotus offers the tightest air massage on thigh, bottom of seat, and calves to give you muscle relaxation. It features upper body massage by rollers and air bags with Shoulder grasping, Kneading, Tapping, Kneading/Tapping combination, and Shiatsu style massage. Shoulder position button effectively adjust your area on shoulder or neck.

2 Stage Zero Gravity function is equipped also in Apex Lotus. Outer shoulder massage is designed to adjust the width of shoulder to fit various width of shoulders.

Feature Summary

  • Zero Gravity¬†Position.
  • Space Saving¬†Technology.
  • Innovative Negative Oxygen Ion Ionizer
  • Bluethooth Connection to Your iPhone or Smartphone.
  • Unique Sole Roller.
  • Deep Tissue¬†Massage.
  • Magnet Therapy Function.
  • Width-Adjustable Outer Shoulder Massage

AP-Pro Lotus

Apex Lotus

Price Range: $-$3,0004,000
Apex Lotus